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Growing up, I was all about action sports and pushing my limits. Summer days were spent building big jumps with friends for our bikes and I was always the first to test them out. At a young age, motocross satisfied my hunger for intense and passionate atmospheres. I found bike racing in high school and quickly developed a love affair with the speed and energy produced by the body. I lived for the exhilarating feeling of diving hard into a corner on 23 mm tires and knocking elbows in the sprint to the finish. This new form of raw emotion kept me laying awake at night envisioning myself crossing the line with my hands in the air. My desire to participate in so many action sports like snowboarding and mountain biking meant I couldn't devote my time to road racing like I thought I could.

In an effort to slow down from a life based on speed, I picked up a camera. This third love consumed me more than the rest. The ability to share my vision of the world and capture those raw moments that make me feel a powerful emotion. Being a racer myself, I see more than just high speeds and a winner with his hands in the air. I see pain, sacrifice, triumph, and joy. Everyone has a story and I recognize the opportunity to  tell it. 

Using natural elements, raw emotions, and powerful composition, I focus on connecting the viewer with the subject through vivid images that tell a special, candid story. While I love new challenges and tackle any job with the same passion and drive, I have found a special connection with actions sports and live music. I would love to help you tell a story that makes people feel a moment long after it passed. Based in Boulder, Colorado.

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